About us

Toko Seoul - Lifestyle Products Made in Korea

Toko Seoul (tokoseoul.com) is a Cross Border Shopping Mall between Korea and SEA powered and design by Hebat Co., Ltd. Toko Seoul is running with many overseas and local partners. Especially it's a great honor to be associated with;

  • Rachel Build Co., Ltd.
  • TSIE (Indonesia)

- Our vision is to share the wonderful and good products of Korea with all buyers who want to buy Korean products all over the world and to make their lives better. We will strive to provide the best shopping experience anyone has ever experienced.

- The meaning of HEBAT
Do it in Korean! It is a positive word to act first. Do not just think, but act actively and get results. Another meaning is the "Sun field," meaning that there is no sunny field, no darkness, and a bright, clean Sun field. The other is Malay and Indonesian, which means "Great." So our work is a very good thing, and it means "Great work." Finally, Rachel Build and the company "Hebat" have an intention of choosing one initial to achieve the common goal..

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