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What is Toko Seoul

Toko Seoul is a cross-border online shopping site built and powered by Hebat Co., Ltd. Toko Seoul is associated with Indonesia's BDL, PT Bangun Desa Logistindo, one of the certified Air Cargo and Customs services in Indonesia. BDL is link to all last miles by using Lion Parcel shipment services in Indonesia.

How do I register on Tokoseoul?

Registration on Tokoseoul is free. There is a simple form which we require you to fill in before you can start purchasing the items. Once you registered as a Tokoseoul member, you are entiltled to purchase any items on the site. If you would like to join us now, please click following link.
To register on Tokoseoul : http://tokoseoul.com/user_join.php?lang=en

I want to change personal information

In order for you to change your account information, please sign in and click on ‘Personal info’ located at the My Tokoseoul page. You can change your personal information such as password, ship-to address, contact number, e-mail address etc. Please do not forget to click on ‘Save’ button lastly. I was sending it, but I can not see it.

Forgot my password

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by requesting that a personalized "password reset" link be sent to your e-mail address. After you've created a new password, it will become active right away. Please click here and follow the on-screen instructions to send the password reset link to your email.
Don’t worry even if you don’t get mail, since you can change password by confirming account owner by mobile phone number.

Payment Methods

Now there are 3 ways to pay for the purchased items on Global Hub site;
1) Paypal Express checkout : You are able to pay for the items through Pay pal after registering for Paypal website to have your own ID.

Where's my item?

Delivery related

Product takes about 7-10 business days after settlement is completed. After the domestic customs clearance, delivery inquiries can be inquired from the time the domestic home delivery handed over. Dispatch may be delayed somewhat depending on local logistics circumstances and weather conditions etc. to overseas direct shipping products.

Cancel Items or Orders

Cancel & A/S related

Cancel/ Refund/ exchange

- If the item has already been shipped, cancellation is impossible as a reason of simple transformation and order change.
- If it is a defective product, when it is a misdelivery, you must apply for jump / exchange within 7 days from receipt.
- In the case of returning goods, it must be returned as it is with parts and packing boxes, and returned goods will be unavailable if shortage or damage to goods parts or damage to the parts is made.
- Customer returns change due to change of mind includes international shipping fee and costs will be incurred. Please purchase carefully.
- Refund / exchange processing through domestic companies can not be done with products distributed overseas locally.


- Parallel import / overseas local domestic demand goods domestic, A / S is not possible. And the manual may have no domestic language.
- It may take some processing time to receive A / S via overseas manufacturer.
- For problems arising due to carelessness of buyers in use, it can be repaid as a fee, the cost of transport and retransmission is the burden of the buyer.


Notes on electronic products

*Domestic and voltage may be different for electric / electronic products.

- It may be different from the domestic power plug, and it may be necessary to change it.
- If there is no free bolt product, you need to use it after connecting the transformer.
- Be sure to check the voltage of the item at the time of ordering, please purchase. Cancellation and returned goods by that reason, refund can not be done.

h point Usage rules

Deposit cancellation and deduction rules
There are acquisition cancellation and deduction in circumstances where the point total can be reduced in addition to the point use of the member.
Cancellation and deduction are made by the operator or system.

- Cancel savingThis means that existing point accumulation details should not be used before expiration date.
- DeductedA negative (minus) is added to the point. As a result of subtraction, the total point value of the member may be negative.

When saving points already used is cancelled, the points used are left intact. However, we will not refund the points if we need to refund them later.

Usage rules
The usage rules for the new points are as follows.
1. H point can be used after earning 10 points.
2. When purchasing a product, you can get a discount of at least 1P for a maximum of 30% of the price of the product at a rate of $ 1.00 USD per 1P.

Refund of canceled points
If the points to be revived at the time of the refund are cancelled, no refund will be made.

Refund of expired points for the period
If the validity of the points to be reclaimed at the time of the refund has expired, follow the rules below.
- Cancel event application : You will be refunded after extending the validity of the points left at the time of application.
- Cancellation of Sale: The refund will be extended by the validity period of the remaining points.
- Purchase cancellation: There is no refund.

Reserve fund extinction rule

The expiration date of the points depends on the accumulated items. The expiration date for each accumulated item is shown in the table below. The expiration date is at the end of each month unless there are special circumstances.

Percentage of $ 1.00 USD per 1P / Available in 1P units

Member registration / At the time of joining as an individual full member / 2.5P / One month later, the last day of the month

Purchase complete / When the buyer confirms receipt of goods directly. / 0.1% of purchase price / One year later, the last day of the month

Event / When participating in various events to be implemented. / The amount set for each event. / Event setting date

Operator Payment / According to weight and weight when providing errors and ideas. / Within 5 P / Operator specified date

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