Magic Volumetok Serum 3ea

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Serum replenishes skin volume and resilience! Magical volume up effect created by oxygen bubble.

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Human stem cell culture and three types of peptide, Volufiline, Centella Asiatica Extract, Nano-cellulose and naturally derived ingredients are functional cosmetics of wrinkle & whitening 2 which will clean up the skin healthily.

Even if you do not say your skin age, wrinkle will tell me your age!
▹ Eye area: The eye is the thinnest and sensitive in the skin tissue, the moisture retention is weak, it is easy to dry, and the first wrinkle occurs.
▹ Wrinkles in the neck: The ability to regenerate is lower than the face The skin of the neck is thin, easy to dry, wrinkles easily occur. It is difficult to improve once wrinkles occur, so thorough management is necessary.

▷ Increase elasticity - It helps to prepare healthy skin.
▷ Concentrated moisture retention - Maintains moist and smooth skin all day with highly concentrated moisturizing membrane.
▷ Pore management - We manage drooping pores.
▷ Skin light – It glazes rough skin and makes it skin.
▷ Skin health - It eliminates skin problems and makes your skin healthier.

Magic Volumetok Serum makes me skin with elasticity!
Serum 15 seconds Magical volume dreams.
Let me get cool skin for a single, magical oxygen bubble shining!

Three peptides + human stem cell culture solution + volufiline
Improvement of wrinkle & elasticity

01. Three Peptides to fill the wrinkles.
- Peptides are absorbed well in the skin in the form of fine molecules, induce faster, direct effects and improve skin elasticity.
▹ Plamitoyl oligopeptide-5: It is a component for perfect anti-aging. This ingredient helps regain the vitality of the skin.
▹ Acetyl hexapeptide-8: Small molecule peptides with a small molecular size, fast absorption to the skin, and high stability.
▹ Copper Tripeptide-1: It helps to make the skin firm by raising the elasticity of the skin.
02. Volufiline increasing the volume of the skin.
- Naturally occurring ingredients extracted from terrestrial seconds belonging to Liliaceae.

03. Stem cell culture solution that returns skin elasticity.
- STEM CELLMETABOLITE 10 kinds of composite components.
- procollagen, VEGF, BFGF, KGF, TGF-B, IGF-I, HGF, fibronectin
- Recover the energy of your first healthy skin with the power of ten complex ingredients developed using infinite research on the skin and stem cell technology.

Low irritation and high humidity create moist skin.
The moisturizing effect of various naturally derived ingredients and skin protection ingredients and nanocellulose CNF of Centella asiatica can keep the skin irritation for a long time and keep it moist.

▹ Nanocellulose CNF: The ability to hold moisture is strong, and the ability to absorb moisture exerts superior effect of sustaining it for a long time as a moisturizing raw material superior to any substance.

▹ Centella asiatica: Centella asiatica is excellent in skin elasticity and wide pore management.
- Allantoin
- Betaine
- Warm skin care that is sticky and quick to absorb, moist and cheap!

Wrinkle improvement & whitening
Dual functional serum

▹ Niacinamide: whitening functional ingredient
▹ Adenosine: wrinkle improving functional ingredient

⓵ After arranging the texture of the skin, pump the appropriate amount.
⓶ Please spread gently and evenly on your face.
⓷ Wait until an oxygen bubble occurs in the face.
⓸ When the oxygen bubble disappears, beat on your face and absorb it.

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