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Your whitening problem is over! White Lie, Lily White Skin Whitening cream is available with t

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ITEM NUMBER: 0000180

"We will help you avoid worrying about a lot of whitening creams anymore."
3-STEP full-scale whitening developed by Samsung cosmetic researcher of 50 years technology.

Beautiful, the skin turns white.
Apply to your skin immediately. The skin turns white.
If you continue to use it your skin will actually turn white.

⓵ It gets beautiful white.
- There is no worry about white turbid phenomenon! Whitening What's the secret? World's first 3D stereo preparation!
- Human skin breathe. A 3D formula that contains plenty of moisture can keep you breathing along your skin. It is beautifully whitened without cloudiness or lightness.
⓶ It will brighten as soon as you apply it to your skin.
- A white lie is a whitening cream soon that will correct the tone immediately.
- When a BB cream is also burdens, even a white lie can produce a sufficiently pure makeup effect.
⓷ It actually makes the skin bright.
- When used steadily every day, the skin becomes fundamentally brighter.
- The secret is EGF! As the number of new cells increases, the skin becomes active and renewed.
- Continuous use on the skin suppresses and reduces the formation of melanin pigment and tyrosinase and induces fundamental whitening.
- The niacin my add prescribed as a whitening ingredient from the Food and Drug Administration is included to brighten the color of the skin and has the effect of suppressing pigmentation.

Specialness only of "White Lie" not in other whitening cream!
▶ What is different from other whitening creams?

▹When applied to the skin, feeling is good, moisture is high and moist!
- The 3D steric formulation breathes along with the skin and adheres closely to the skin, keeping a rich moisture feeling, it is always moist.

▹This product contains USDA organic ingredients with natural purity added.
- Eleven organic types certified by the world's most demanding US Department of Agriculture have been compounded! We obtained a USDA certification mark that can be adhered when more than 95% of the ingredients contain organic ingredients.

▹ Functional factors only for high-end cosmetics EGF.
- EGF ingredient formulation makes it excellent for wrinkle improvement and cell regeneration, making it a transparent white skin rising from under the skin.

▹ It is a healthy cream that does not contain seven skin risks.
- All harmful substances (animal raw materials, parabens, ethanol, mineral oil, tar pigment, Laureth sulfuric acid, talc) that induce fatal skin troubles have been deleted.

▹ The skin is smooth all day long.
- It is a 3D solid formulation, so it is always refreshing because it absorbs the surface smoothly and absorbs it quickly. It does not greasy or greasy on your skin.

Direct check with your eyes, white lie experiment!

▶ When you want to become beautiful after exercise
▶ When suddenly I have to get close to my house
▶ When traveling with groups
▶ When you are concerned about pigmentation


Step 1
Please use every morning according to your skin before the final stage of basic makeup and sleep.

Step 2
Reduce the appropriate amount with a spatula, paint it on your face and gently tap it to absorb it.

Step 3
The degree of whitening as it becomes Dotobarura differs, so please adjust according to the style of your choice and paint.

You don't need to wash your product after applying it to your skin.
- You no longer have to wash your face. It's OK to put it on your skin and sleep!

It's better if you keep it in the fridge!
- When this product is kept in a refrigerator, it turns into a good 3D formulation to be applied to the skin and it can be used coolly.

By adjusting the number of times to apply to the skin, you can produce other atmosphere!
- This product will produce a clear skin when applied to the skin. Applying twice to your skin will brighten your skin! It can also be mixed with BB cream or foundation.

This product contains only the ingredients that are really precious and honest for your skin.
- Dandelion leaves, olive leaves, stones, nectarine leaves, calendula leaves, comfrey leaves, everlasting, Artemisia apiacea Hance, chrysanthemum, licorice, damask rose flowers.

Identify all ingredients
[Purified water, butyleneglycol, argane tricornell oil, cyclopentasiloxane / cyclohexasiloxane, shea butter, niacinamide, titanium dioxide, aloe-oligopeptide-1, western rose flower, Rose leaf extract, Oriental dandelion leaf extract, Olive leaf extract, Chungho extract, Karen dulla lily extract, Comfrey leaf extract, Everlasting extract, Mulberry leaf extract, Licorice extract, Ginger extract, Omija extract, Rhodiola extract, Green tea extract, Asian ticoside , Glycerin, phage-60 hydrogenated castor oil, propolis wax, 12 hexanediol, sodium icelite and sodium acryloyldimethyltaurate copolymer, isohexadecane, polysorbate 80, clophenethine, carbo Mercury, arginine, fragrance, adenosine]

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