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It acts directly in the skin to remove the keratin of the skin, promote cell regeneration, and make the skin soft and shiny.

The amazing effect of changing skin!
Smooth and beautiful skin without no faults.

▪ A powerful moisturizing membrane
It moisturizes and moisturizes the skin for a long time without drying, giving it life and a resilient skin.

▪ Energy boosting
Excellent skin absorption power and sustainability, making skin more smooth and healthy.

▪ Function of pure gold: moisturizes skin
It improves skin roughness, prepares the texture of the skin, helps to have moisture, and prepares it to smooth skin.

▪ Strengthens skin's elasticity
It regulates the balance of the skin oil balance and makes it resilient to deep inside the skin.

Nano gold + Plant taro root extract
It acts directly in the skin, removes the keratin of the skin, and makes it soft and shiny by promoting cell regeneration.

01. Elasticity
02. Brightness
03. Nutrition
04. Skin texture
05. Moisturizing

What is Gold Tox?
▪ Use the self-healing ability of the skin to make it healthy, so there are no side effects, all skin can be used, not administered by dermatology or plastic surgery, manage at home and effect A cosmetic cosmetic product that you can see It is a natural process for skin to become healthy although it feels pain when you touch it with hands for about 1-2 days. The complexion becomes bright in a short time, and it is useful for lifting.

▪ Gold Tox is absorbed by the skin to promote blood circulation, induces the synthesis of collagen, has effective effect on facial color purification, elasticity and lifting as active ingredients are deeply transmitted.

Energy boosting / skin elasticity / skin vitality
Give the flexibility and vitality energy of the active ingredient of gold, smoothly manage the rough skin texture in the external environment, it will make it stretchy and vibrant skin.

Nano gold skin effect
At the same time it is a valuable ingredient that forms a thick moisturizing film, holds moisture for a longer time, and provides animation and vitality to the skin. Gold has been used for a long time as a high-class raw material for cosmetics, Cleopatra, ancient beautiful, Yang Qiu has been known for using gold as a high-grade raw material for beautiful skin.

Excretion of waste of skin / Nutrient supply / New raw material
It is a purely purified sponge of the sponge cave inhabiting the clean sea, a new concept material that penetrates deep into the skin, stimulates the skin, raises the skin, discharges waste matter, and supplies nutrients.

COLD TOX Action step
Spictually inject physiologically active substances effective for beautiful skin and transfer them to the skin dermis layer. Gold Tox helps to keep your skin soft and shiny by acting directly in the skin to remove the keratin of the skin and promote cell regeneration.

01. Skin penetration with micro stimulation
02. Promote blood circulation and regenerate cells
03. Goldtox occurs with keratin after 72 hours.

GoldTox skin beauty efficacy

Strengthen skin barrier and improve skin texture
Skin nutrition moisturizing
Sebum inhibitory action

It is a new skin beauty material that has been collected and processed only in sponges that grow in the clean sea of Southeast Asia. It can be produced from low purity spicule to high purity speac according to the processing conditions.

how to use
- After washing the skin cleanly, take an appropriate amount, avoid the eyes, paint evenly around the troubled area around roughness, massage while tapping lightly so that it is absorbed equally for about 5 to 10 minutes Please wash it off.

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