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High protein pack of naturally derived ingredients Pack
It gently removes keratin of the skin, waste products and excess sebum, enhancing skin elasticity and moisturizing power.

▫ Science gold was born, luxury home esthetics for you.
▫ It easily penetrates gold particles of 1 to 5 mm (nanometer) to the melanin layer of the skin, maximizing the detoxification / antioxidant effect of the skin.

High protein pack of naturally derived ingredients Moist & smooth skin smoothness.

▪ Soft peeling
Skin waste, excessive sebum aging horny and gently removes with low irritation.

▪ sedation effect
Activation of plant stem cells Various vegetable ingredients, such as the peptide, help to regain elasticity by calming the skin carefully.

▪ Enhancement of moisturizing power
Even after peeling it keeps it moist without pulling, it makes the skin clean and transparent.

▪ High protein nutrition supply
Biopeptides, enzymes, minerals and vitamin ingredients provide active number and moisture and nutrition to the skin.

New Concept Nanofunctional Wine Gold

▪ Wine gold is a new concept nano-functional cosmetic tip material and contains Wine Gold color through nanoparticle formation. We maximized gold particle efficacy through application of differentiated plate-like flakes and gold nanoparticles from existing gold nanoparticles. Skin activation purification cosmetic material with detoxification effect.

▪ absorb sunlight
- plate-shaped gold nanoparticles of 1-5 nm size absorb light up to ultraviolet rays and visible light region to protect the skin.
- stimulates pituitary endocrine, improves absorption of nutritional components, suppresses the occurrence of spots.

▪ Antioxidant
- gold nanoparticles easily permeate to the melanin layer of the skin, affecting the antioxidation of the skin.
- Prevention of inflammation of the skin by wound healing caused by detoxification action and treatment of acne and enhancement of immune function.

▪ Strengthen immunity
- Helps skin detoxification capability peculiar to gold nanoparticles and skin activation and cleansing of the skin
- Promote circulation of blood, prevention of aging of the skin and reinforcement of immunity

▪ pore shrinkage
- Supply various nutritional substances such as oxygen and moisture, promote blood circulation in capillaries
- Increased elasticity by regenerating muscle damaged cells

It is gold, why is it wine gold?
- The nickel particle size of gold changes the rainbow color reversely
- The particle size of gold changes, it looks in reverse order of rainbow color due to surface plasmon resonance (SPR) effect due to light, gold particles change to red with fine nano
- 1 nanometer is one ten thousandth of the thickness of the hair (meaning one billionth part, usually representing the size of the molecule, physically unstable physiologically active substance at the molecular level The smaller the particle, the higher the human body absorption rate, the inherent color of the substance will change, so the nanogold is the color of the wine You can see.

Efficacy of wine gold
▫ Antioxidant effect by gold (Au) nanoparticles
▫ Maximize skin tone and activation
▫ Absorption to visible light region in ultraviolet region
▫ Skin Detoxification Effect
▫ nerve stabilizing effect
▫ Improve skin problems and purify your skin
▫ Skin Pain / Hot Flush Stability Effect

i Nano's WINE GOLD creates molecules of gold at the nanometer level, absorbs it on the skin, and directly affects skin cells, maximizing skin whitening and elasticity effects.

"Do not dry on the skin, moisturize plenty of moisturizing and nourish, remove the waste in the skin!"

01. Moisturizing
02. Natural plants
03. High protein nutrition
04. Skin sedation
05. Removal of waste products

▪ Argan Tree Kernel Oil Component helps to release toxins in the skin, has the effect of calming the skin, it helps to improve atopy by eliminating active oxygen generating atopy.
▪ Green tea vitamin C and vitamin A ingredients prevent pigmented spots and freckles pigmentation, keep skin cells and mucous membranes healthy, you can get excellent skin beautification effect.
▪ Helps to enhance the excellent collagen production of grape seed oil, helps to produce elastin on the skin, and prepares it for healthy skin.

Skin lightened with hypoallergenic exfoliation!

▫ When the powder absorbs moisture, it prevents phenomena of onking and clumping, and it can clean up every corner of waste accumulating in the skin.
▫ We will dilute the concentration by dispersing the oil and moisture of the cosmetic product, so it will remove the cosmetic debris remaining in the skin with low irritation.
▫ Gently remove the keratin of the aged skin, improve the condition of the skin and prepare it for gorgeous skin.

▪ Sodium Hyaluronate
Skin moisture storage tank
▫ Natural moisturizing factor (NMF) found in the vitreous (Hyaloid) is a polysaccharide substance distributed in large numbers in the connective tissues of living bodies such as skin and cartilage.
▫ It is a constituent of the skin, it has the role of keeping skin components such as collagen and elastin, has excellent wetting power to the extent that it can contain water reaching 1000 times its own weight, moisture of the skin It is called a storage tank.
▫ Sensitive skin like atopy prevents moisture evaporation of the skin and absorbs moisture so that the skin retains proper moisture. Unlike ceramides, which is primarily responsible for moisturizing the surface of the skin, it is a product responsible for moisturizing the surface and skin.

▪ Copper Tripeptide 1
Improve skin elasticity & wrinkle
▫ Copper Tripeptide-1
Copper tree peptide-1 repairs tissue, strengthens elasticity, improves wrinkle, helps strengthen the barrier of the skin.
▫ It reduces spots and pigmentation, removes damaged cells, regenerates the skin and helps prevent aging.
▫ It keeps moist skin without forming moisturizing protein and drying.

▪ Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil
Skin health with elastin ingredients UP!
▫ Grape seed oil promotes the formation of collagen, helps to generate skin elastin, improves skin health
▫ terrapin ingredients of grape seeds absorb skin waste, maintain moisture, help the skin regenerate.

▪ Green tea extract
The effect of green tea extract that reduces melanin pigmentation!
▫ Green tea contains a lot of vitamin C, it not only prevents pigmentation of spots and freckles, it can reduce deposits of melanin pigment and remove leather.
▫ Green tea contains Vitamin A and Tannin, but this has the effect of maintaining skin cells and mucosal cells in healthy condition and can obtain excellent my skin effect.
▫ Catechin ingredients that control sebum and bactericidal action are contained, it alleviates troubles of the skin, it has an effect on the aging of the skin, the effect of sinking acne and sedating the skin is excellent.
▫ The ingredients of caffeine contained in green tea suppresses the accumulation of fat, has the effect of degrading fat, and has the function to promote microcirculation.

▪ Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
The effect of removing active oxygen which is the cause of atopy
▫ Helps protect skin cells, releases toxins in the skin, has excellent skin soothing effect.
▫ One of the main reasons of atopy is effective removal of active oxygen and it is recommended for atopy improvement.
▫ It is used for skin care applications and it is sometimes used as a natural skin remedy.


How to use
- After using Magic Peeling, take out an appropriate amount, apply to the whole face, and wash face with sea surface and lukewarm water after 15 to 20 minutes.

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