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Function toner that improves skin tone and improves wrinkle.
This toner gives vitality to the skin with moisturizing nutrition of activator and extract of plant stem cells with excellent moisturizing power, bio ingredients.

▫ Science gold was born, luxury home esthetics for you.
▫ It easily penetrates gold particles of 1 to 5 mm (nanometer) to the melanin layer of the skin, maximizing the detoxification / antioxidant effect of the skin.

Moisture-filled skin balance.
Like washing your face, plenty of moisture!

▪ Natural plant extract
It will moisturize the texture of your skin and you can use it easily with neutral natural plant extract.

▪ Moisturizing and nutrition
Aloe ingredients and Copper Tripeptide-1 ingredient supply nourishment and moisture to the skin, keep your skin elastic and moist..

▪ Balanced skin balance
It adjusts the balance between nutrition and moisture in the skin and helps maintain refreshing skin.

▪ sensitive skin
It is an excellent plant stem cell activator and an extract bio component, and it makes the sensitive skin calm.

New Concept Nanofunctional Wine Gold

▪ Wine gold is a new concept nano-functional cosmetic tip material and contains Wine Gold color through nanoparticle formation. We maximized gold particle efficacy through application of differentiated plate-like flakes and gold nanoparticles from existing gold nanoparticles. Skin activation purification cosmetic material with detoxification effect.

▪ absorb sunlight
- plate-shaped gold nanoparticles of 1-5 nm size absorb light up to ultraviolet rays and visible light region to protect the skin.
- stimulates pituitary endocrine, improves absorption of nutritional components, suppresses the occurrence of spots.

▪ Antioxidant
- gold nanoparticles easily permeate to the melanin layer of the skin, affecting the antioxidation of the skin.
- Prevention of inflammation of the skin by wound healing caused by detoxification action and treatment of acne and enhancement of immune function.

▪ Strengthen immunity
- Helps skin detoxification capability peculiar to gold nanoparticles and skin activation and cleansing of the skin
- Promote circulation of blood, prevention of aging of the skin and reinforcement of immunity

▪ pore shrinkage
- Supply various nutritional substances such as oxygen and moisture, promote blood circulation in capillaries
- Increased elasticity by regenerating muscle damaged cells

It is gold, why is it wine gold?
- The nickel particle size of gold changes the rainbow color reversely
- The particle size of gold changes, it looks in reverse order of rainbow color due to surface plasmon resonance (SPR) effect due to light, gold particles change to red with fine nano
- 1 nanometer is one ten thousandth of the thickness of the hair (meaning one billionth part, usually representing the size of the molecule, physically unstable physiologically active substance at the molecular level The smaller the particle, the higher the human body absorption rate, the inherent color of the substance will change, so the nanogold is the color of the wine You can see.

Efficacy of wine gold
▫ Antioxidant effect by gold (Au) nanoparticles
▫ Maximize skin tone and activation
▫ Absorption to visible light region in ultraviolet region
▫ Skin Detoxification Effect
▫ nerve stabilizing effect
▫ Improve skin problems and purify your skin
▫ Skin Pain / Hot Flush Stability Effect

i Nano's WINE GOLD creates molecules of gold at the nanometer level, absorbs it on the skin, and directly affects skin cells, maximizing skin whitening and elasticity effects.

Wine gold nanogold / sulfation action
It reinforces moisturizing nutrition, it prepares healthy and balanced skin by the antioxidant effect effect of wine gold nano-gold.

01. Excellent moisture retention
02. Natural vegetable raw material
03. Nutrition
04. Skin sedation
05. Clean skin texture

▪ Aloe is known to be used to prevent soldiers' illness from ancient times, its ingredients are known to be good, its blood circulation is promoted, body fluids are improved, body toxic substances are degraded and moisturized Besides the effect, skin sedative effect is excellent.
▪ Witch Hazel, which is mainly used for medicinal purposes, contains tannin and essential oils. The skin sedative effect is also useful if this ingredient is good for wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect.
▪ Soothing balance toner contains Copper Tripeptide - 1 ingredients. It helps repair the skin tissue, improves wrinkle and strengthens the barrier of the skin.

Excellent aloe's moisturizing and soothing effect
▫ Aloe has been used to heal wounds from the oldest. Aloe ingredients are still used to treat many kinds of wounds.
▫ Aloe's superior moisturizing effect is to calm dry skin, suppression of the formation of melanin pigment makes the skin bright. It also has a function that supplies moisture to the skin and hair and makes it healthy.

▪ Witch Hazel Extract
Witch Hazel contains ingredients that heal wounds.
▫ Witch Hazel is a kind of deciduous trees inhabiting the subtropics and is called Hamamelis japonica Siebold in Korean. The part used for medicinal purpose is extracted from bark and leaves and used.
▫ The main ingredient contains tannin and essential oils.
▫ It shows wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect, especially sensitive skin, damaged skin, acne skin sedation, treatment effect can be expected.

▪ Copper Tripeptide-1
Skin elasticity, wrinkle improvement
▫ Efficacy of Copper Tripeptide-1
Copper Tripeptide-1 helps repair the tissue, strengthens elasticity, improves wrinkle, strengthens the barrier of the skin.
▫ It reduces spots and pigmentation, removes damaged cells, regenerates the skin and helps prevent aging.
▫ It keeps moist skin without forming moisturizing protein and drying.

▪ Piper Methysticum Leaf/Root/Stem Extract
▫ Extraction from leaves, roots and stems (Pipermethysticum)
▫ This extract is said to act on sensitive skin and have anti-irritation, anti-inflammation, and sedative effects.


How to Use
- Close your eyes at a position 10 to 20 cm away from the face and lightly spray on the whole face, then lightly rub.

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