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Functional cream to improve skin tone and wrinkle
Improve fine lines and dirt, clean and transparent skin.

▫ Science gold was born, luxury home esthetics for you.
▫ It easily penetrates gold particles of 1 to 5 mm (nanometer) to the melanin layer of the skin, maximizing the detoxification / antioxidant effect of the skin.

End of troublesome mottled skin & wrinkles!

* High speed absorption
Sticky quick penetration power is excellent for preventing aging of dry skin and skin.

* Minimize side effects of skin
Activator of plant stem cells, various plant ingredients and peptides, vitamin Dunolu bending skin
It prepares it to the resilience made into prepuri.

* Improve skin tone
It calms the skin tightness and swelling, gives the balance of the skin matato, improves fine lines and dyed face.

* Skin soothing effect
It contains catechin ingredients, it controls sebum and germicidal action on the skin, and alleviates skin troubles.

New Concept Nanofunctional Wine Gold

▪ Wine gold is a new concept nano-functional cosmetic tip material and contains Wine Gold color through nanoparticle formation. We maximized gold particle efficacy through application of differentiated plate-like flakes and gold nanoparticles from existing gold nanoparticles. Skin activation purification cosmetic material with detoxification effect.

▪ absorb sunlight
- plate-shaped gold nanoparticles of 1-5 nm size absorb light up to ultraviolet rays and visible light region to protect the skin.
- stimulates pituitary endocrine, improves absorption of nutritional components, suppresses the occurrence of spots.

▪ Antioxidant
- gold nanoparticles easily permeate to the melanin layer of the skin, affecting the antioxidation of the skin.
- Prevention of inflammation of the skin by wound healing caused by detoxification action and treatment of acne and enhancement of immune function.

▪ Strengthen immunity
- Helps skin detoxification capability peculiar to gold nanoparticles and skin activation and cleansing of the skin
- Promote circulation of blood, prevention of aging of the skin and reinforcement of immunity

▪ pore shrinkage
- Supply various nutritional substances such as oxygen and moisture, promote blood circulation in capillaries
- Increased elasticity by regenerating muscle damaged cells

It is gold, why is it wine gold?
- The nickel particle size of gold changes the rainbow color reversely
- The particle size of gold changes, it looks in reverse order of rainbow color due to surface plasmon resonance (SPR) effect due to light, gold particles change to red with fine nano
- 1 nanometer is one ten thousandth of the thickness of the hair (meaning one billionth part, usually representing the size of the molecule, physically unstable physiologically active substance at the molecular level The smaller the particle, the higher the human body absorption rate, the inherent color of the substance will change, so the nanogold is the color of the wine You can see.

Efficacy of wine gold
▫ Antioxidant effect by gold (Au) nanoparticles
▫ Maximize skin tone and activation
▫ Absorption to visible light region in ultraviolet region
▫ Skin Detoxification Effect
▫ nerve stabilizing effect
▫ Improve skin problems and purify your skin
▫ Skin Pain / Hot Flush Stability Effect

i Nano's WINE GOLD creates molecules of gold at the nanometer level, absorbs it on the skin, and directly affects skin cells, maximizing skin whitening and elasticity effects.


Wine gold nanogold / antioxidant action
Wine gold with excellent antioxidant effect Lightly feet with all-in-one nourishing cream containing nano-gold.

"Improve fine lines and dirt, clean and transparent Preprint to skin with gloss!“

▪ High moisture / natural vegetable / fine wrinkle / elasticity / nutrition

▪ Skin Ointment A lot of commonly used Lemura extracts are formulated to prevent skin dryness and to calm allergic reactions and have excellent moisturizing power.

▪ Macadamia seed oil with good spreadability and skin absorption prevents aging of the skin such as fine wrinkles, it softens the skin and gently acts on the skin without stickiness.

▪ Contains betaine ingredients with better moisturizing power than glycerin and is a component that is hypoallergenic and is effective for skin soothing effect and moisturizing, waste and keratin removal.

▪ Green tea extract
Spots, green tea to prevent the generation of freckles

- Green tea contains a lot of Vitamin C, it helps not only to prevent pigmentation of spots and freckles, but also to give away deposits of melanin pigment and to remove the skin.
- Although green tea contains vitamin A and tannin, it has the function of maintaining skin cells and mucosal cells in healthy condition and can obtain excellent skin beautifying effect.
- It contains catechin ingredients that modulate and sterilize Fiji, it alleviates skin troubles, has an effect on aging of the skin, has an effect of sinking acne and sedating the skin is excellent.
- The ingredients of caffeine contained in green tea have the effect of inhibiting the accumulation of fat, decomposing fat, and promoting microcirculation.

Antibacterial action and moisturizing ability Extract of Portulaca oleracea
- Excellent wound healing effect, widely used for skin diseases, and is traditionally used as a raw material for skin ointment.
- Good skin moisturizing power, excellent anti-inflammatory effect and effect to quench skin irritation allergic reactions are very excellent, antibacterial action and It has excellent skin moisturizing power.

ACEPEP-6 efficacy
- Molecular weight 888.99
- Properties: White powder
- Configuration: C46H56N12O6
- Gym obtained via acetylaton process of Hexapeptide-8
- It helps to raise elasticity of uneven skin. The high safety of the ingredients themselves reduces the side effects of the skin.

▪ Macadamia seed oil
Macadamia seed oil that helps quick absorption

- It works soft and mellow on your skin with superior Spreadability and water absorbency, but it does not sticky at the same time. The fatty acid that is contained in this oil is composed of lipids similar to the major components of the lipid on the surface of the skin, so it is good for prevention of aging of dry skin and skin, has little side effects, is excellent in stability It is.

- It is well absorbed by the skin, softens the skin, it acts mildly without stickiness, prevents aging of the skin, and protects it from free radicals.

- Macadamia oil accounts for 22% of Omega-7 paltol rehydrated macadamia oil that acts to inhibit aging of the skin.

Betaine to reduce skin irritation!
- It is a natural amino acid moisturizing ingredient obtained by separation and purification from beet, and the characteristic of natural betaine has excellent conditioning ability, improving the moisturizing ability of the skin with its own moisturizing effect.

- It has an excellent stimulus reducing effect that reduces the irritancy of surfactant lubricants and solvents which are known to have stimulation of cosmetic raw materials by 3.5% or more on average.
In case
- A moisturizing power is stronger than glycerin and it is a ingredient that is extremely low irritant and has skin sedation and moisturizing effect, keratin burr effect (noepie keratin removal effect), and softens and moisturizes the skin moistly.

Sunflower seed efficacy useful for preventing aging!
- Sunflower oil not only contains a very abundant essential fatty acid, but also contains vitamins A and E to help moisturize, regenerate, and balance the skin.
- Lanolin mountain Ethanol essential fatty acid, lecithin which is a constituent of the cell is contained, not only moisturizing, but also sedative effect, it is also recommended for prevention of aging.
- It calms the itching, itching, skin bumping, swelling and the like caused by lack of nutrition to some extent, not only gives the skin elasticity, but also especially the moisturizing effect and Ball Limoson likes the maximum skin protection in winter It is used when needed, giving the impression that the skin becomes smooth after use.


How to use
- Relieve proper amount and rub lightly to absorb on skin.

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