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Improvement of wrinkles maximized with ingredients of natural origin, the end of troubles of the skin!
Advanced restorative cream that provides nourishment and animation to dry and rough skin and organizes balance

▪ Oil moisture balance
It gives nutrition and animation to rough skin, keeping appropriate oil moisture balance and making it moist.
▪ Maintain skin moisture
Bio-peptides rich in skin physiological activity, plant stem cell activators and bio-derived moisturizing ingredients help to maintain skin moisture.
▪ Resilient skin
It restores the natural cell tissue, it stretches the sagging skin and makes it clear and makes it dense structure and resilient.
▪ Improvement of wrinkles in the neck
Gently massaging the face as well as the neck helps to improve the wrinkles of the neck.

Renewal Cream
Wine gold nano gold / antioxidant activity
Detailed restorative cream that gives nutrition and animation without stickiness to refreshing skin.

▫ High moisture
▫ Natural vegetable
▫ Wrinkle improvement
▫ Elasticity
▫ High nutrition

Considering the skin moisture balance in combination with the skin protective film that immediately collapses even if there is only a shortage of moisture or oil, it will be adjusted to the best skin condition. The surface of the skin creates a moist moisture shield and forms a moisture barrier that fills the skin with moisture. Aloe's moisturizing effect and melanin pigment inhibiting effect helps skin protection and whitening, provides a skin soothing effect, skin adhesion, and makes your skin healthier. Camellia oil is rich in oleic acid, is soft, is excellent in moisturizing, it helps to prevent troubles occurring on the skin.

▪ Aloe vera leaf juice

Excellent aloe's moisturizing and soothing effect
▫ Aloe has been used to heal wounds from the oldest and aloe ingredients are currently used to treat several types of wounds.
▫ Aloe's excellent moisturizing effect sedates dry skin Excellent suppression of melanin pigment makes the skin bright. It also has a function that supplies moisture to the skin and hair and makes it healthy.

▪ Camellia Japonica Seed Oil
Camellia oil effect with excellent moisturizing power
▫ Oil rich in oleic acid (fatty acid - monounsaturated)
▫ It is rich in oleic acid, it is soft and excellent in boss gum, the content of linoleic acid and linolenic acid is small, and oxidation does not work well
▫ Contains palmitic acid contained in sebum, it has high affinity for skin and permeability, it is excellent in skin sedation and moisturizing effect, and it is also used as trouble care oil as much

Skin health with elastin ingredients UP!
▫ Grape seed oil promotes the formation of collagen, helps the generation of skin elastin, improves skin health.
▫ Grape seed 's terapin ingredient absorbs the waste of the skin and keeps moisture, helping to regenerate the skin.

▪ Portulaca Oleracea Extract
Antibacterial & moisturizing
▫ Excellent wound healing effect, widely used for skin diseases, and is traditionally used as a raw material for skin ointment.
▫ Skin moisturizing power is good, excellent anti-inflammatory effect, skin irritation, effect to quell allergic reaction is very excellent, has antibacterial action and excellent skin moisturizing power.

▪ Trehalose
Moisturizing and Cell Production
▫ Water absorption capacity
▫ Moisturizing function
▫ Increase skin elasticity
▫ Promoting cell growth
▫ Protective membrane formation on cell surface
▫ Protection of skin damage

▪ Macadamia seed oil
Macadamia seed oil that helps quick absorption
▫ Excellent water absorbency, soft and mellow on the skin, sticky at the same time should not remain. The fatty acid contained in the oil is composed of lipids similar to the major components of the lipid on the surface of the skin, so it has good side effects on dry skin and aging prevention of the skin and is excellent in stability .
▫ It is well absorbed by the skin, softens the skin, acts mildly without stickiness, prevents aging of the skin and protects from free radicals.
▫ Omega-7 Paltor Lane mountain, which acts to suppress aging of the skin, constitutes 22% of macadamia oil.

▪ OLIVEM 1000 Cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate
Excellent absorbency, close feeling, and excellent moisturizing property OLIVEM 1000
▫ As a natural O / W emulsifier, by esterifying olive oil, it is not emollient and has an emollient role while being an emulsifier of its own.
▫ Even stability is very excellent, lecithin emulsion stability support excellent as superior lubricant, water absorption, close contact feeling, boss gum excellent.

▪ Presea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil

▫ Avocado oil is rich in vitamin D, vitamin A, lecithin, potassium, etc. It is a traditionally used oil for skin care traditionally.
▫ Avocado thing concentration is thick deposit, high skin absorption, good for dry skin prevention of aging, relaxation of dehydration phenomenon and effective for eczematous skin.

▪ Argania Spinosa Kermel Oil
Cause of atopy, active oxygen removal effect Argan tree kernel!
▫ Helps protect skin cells, release of toxins in the skin, thereby improving skin sedation.
▫ It effectively removes active oxygen which is one of the main causes of atopy and is effective for atopy improvement.
▫ It is used for skin care applications and is also used as a natural skin remedy.

▪ Sunflower Seed Acid
Sunflower seed efficacy useful for preventing aging!
▫Sunflower oil helps to balance the regeneration of the moisturizing effect on the skin by the inclusion of Vitamin A and E as well as very rich essential fatty acids.
▫ It contains lanolic acid and essential fatty acid, lecithin which is a constituent of the cell, it has not only moisturizing but also sedative effect, it is also recommended for prevention of aging.
▫ Somewhat settles dry itching caused by lack of nutrients, seaweed per skin, swelling and so on to some extent, not only gives the skin elasticity but also especially the moisturizing effect and Ballrimson likes the maximum protection of the skin in winter And when used to give the impression that the skin was smoothly removed after use.

▪ Copper Tripeptide1
Skin elasticity, wrinkle improvement Kappa Tree Peptide 1 Efficacy
▫ Copper Tree Peptide-1 repairs tissue, enhances elasticity, helps to improve wrinkles, strengthen the barrier of the skin.
▫ Reduce spots and pigmentation, remove damaged cells, regenerate the skin, help prevent aging.
▫ Moisturizing protein is formed and it keeps moist skin.


How to use
▸ Intensive cream Next start with the proper amount from the face and soften gently to massage to the neck.

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