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Whitening + wrinkle improvement + UV blocking, SPF 50 + PA +++
Ultraviolet rays (A, B) blocking effect is excellent by densely strengthening loose skin

▫ Science gold was born, luxury home esthetics for you.
▫ It easily penetrates gold particles of 1 to 5 mm (nanometer) to the melanin layer of the skin, maximizing the detoxification / antioxidant effect of the skin.

New Concept Nanofunctional Wine Gold

▪ Wine gold is a new concept nano-functional cosmetic tip material and contains Wine Gold color through nanoparticle formation. We maximized gold particle efficacy through application of differentiated plate-like flakes and gold nanoparticles from existing gold nanoparticles. Skin activation purification cosmetic material with detoxification effect.

▪ absorb sunlight
- plate-shaped gold nanoparticles of 1-5 nm size absorb light up to ultraviolet rays and visible light region to protect the skin.
- stimulates pituitary endocrine, improves absorption of nutritional components, suppresses the occurrence of spots.

▪ Antioxidant
- gold nanoparticles easily permeate to the melanin layer of the skin, affecting the antioxidation of the skin.
- Prevention of inflammation of the skin by wound healing caused by detoxification action and treatment of acne and enhancement of immune function.

▪ Strengthen immunity
- Helps skin detoxification capability peculiar to gold nanoparticles and skin activation and cleansing of the skin
- Promote circulation of blood, prevention of aging of the skin and reinforcement of immunity

▪ pore shrinkage
- Supply various nutritional substances such as oxygen and moisture, promote blood circulation in capillaries
- Increased elasticity by regenerating muscle damaged cells

It is gold, why is it wine gold?
- The nickel particle size of gold changes the rainbow color reversely
- The particle size of gold changes, it looks in reverse order of rainbow color due to surface plasmon resonance (SPR) effect due to light, gold particles change to red with fine nano
- 1 nanometer is one ten thousandth of the thickness of the hair (meaning one billionth part, usually representing the size of the molecule, physically unstable physiologically active substance at the molecular level The smaller the particle, the higher the human body absorption rate, the inherent color of the substance will change, so the nanogold is the color of the wine You can see.

Efficacy of wine gold
▫ Antioxidant effect by gold (Au) nanoparticles
▫ Maximize skin tone and activation
▫ Absorption to visible light region in ultraviolet region
▫ Skin Detoxification Effect
▫ nerve stabilizing effect
▫ Improve skin problems and purify your skin
▫ Skin Pain / Hot Flush Stability Effect

i Nano's WINE GOLD creates molecules of gold at the nanometer level, absorbs it on the skin, and directly affects skin cells, maximizing skin whitening and elasticity effects.


▪ Ultrafine porous powder
It smoothes skin with covering power and absorbing power and covers defects naturally.

▪ Improvement of wrinkle
It strengthens loose skin precisely, protects the skin from the outside, and has excellent ultraviolet (A, B) blocking effect.

▪ Fresh adhesion
There is no stickiness, it is refined, adhesion is strengthened, and it corrects the color of the skin.

▪ Plant extract
Flexibility, bio vitamins and wine gold The antioxidant effect of gold nano makes the skin moist and moist.
Wine gold nanogold / sulfation action
In addition to ultraviolet blocking, absorption ability is excellent without stickiness by sticking to skin and whitening on skin and whitening.

01. UV protection
02. Whitening
03. Coverage
04. Calm the skin
05. Wrinkle improvement

▪ Protects skin from fine dust and yellow dust by forming a thin film without blocking pores with components protecting skin from strong ultraviolet blocking and external environmental stress.
▪ Unlike ordinary sunscreen creams using zinc oxide, using titanium dioxide ingredients that are superior in ultraviolet ray cutting rate and also block light in the visible light region, prevent skin cells from being damaged, Prevents skin aging.
▪ The arbutin component that suppresses the activity of tea rossinia prevents the generation of extra melanin pigment and prevents pigmentation, spots, freckles, spots, etc., and has excellent whitening efficacy.

▪ Camellia Japonica Seed Oil
Camellia oil effect with excellent moisturizing power
Oil rich in oleic acid (fatty acid - monounsaturated)
▫ It is rich in oleic acid, it is soft and excellent in boss gum, the content of linoleic acid and linolenic acid is small, and oxidation does not work well.
▫ Contains palmitic acid contained in sebum, has high compatibility with skin and permeability, is excellent in skin soothing action and moisturizing effect, and it is often used as trouble care oil.

▪ Titanium Dioxide
Protect skin from ultraviolet rays Titanium dioxide efficacy
▫ Block ultraviolet penetration by physical scattering action and protect the skin.
▫ The cut ratio is higher than zinc oxide, the scattering effect is excellent, it blocks light in the visible light region, so it prevents skin cells from being damaged and prevents aging of the skin.


▫ Vaccinium vitis-idaea It suppresses the production of extra melanin pigment by suppressing the activity of T-senaase in the whitening ingredient extracted from the tree at the production stage of melanin pigment. It has an excellent whitening effect to suppress the generation of spots, freckles, dots, etc. due to abnormal pigmentation.
▫ Conventional whitening products cause stimulation accompanied by forcibly peeling off the horny skin and giving skin whitening effect. Arbutin gives a whitening effect to the inhibitory action of melanin, so it is a whitening ingredient that is safe without skin irritation.

▪ Grape Seed Oil
Promote collagen production
▫ Grape seed oil promotes the formation of collagen, helps to generate skin elastin, improves skin health.
▫ Terrapin ingredients of grape seeds absorb the waste of the skin and retain moisture, helping to regenerate the skin.

▪ Macadamia seed oil
Macadamia seed oil suppressing skin aging
▫ Due to its excellent absorbency, it acts mildly on the skin and does not leave sticky. The fatty acid contained in this oil is composed of lipids similar to the major components of the lipid on the surface of the skin, so it is good for dry and aged skin, has little side effects, and is excellent in stability .
▫ It is well absorbed on the skin, softens the skin, has no stickiness, acts mildly on the skin, prevents aging of the skin and protects it from free radicals.
▫ It constitutes 22% of Omega-7 paltol rehydrated macadamia oil which acts to suppress skin aging.

▪ Copper Tripeptide1
Skin elasticity, wrinkle improvement Kappa Tree Peptide 1 Efficacy
▫ Copper Tree Peptide-1 repairs tissue, enhances elasticity, helps to improve wrinkles, strengthen the barrier of the skin.
▫ Reduce spots and pigmentation, remove damaged cells, regenerate the skin, help prevent aging.
▫ Moisturizing protein is formed and it keeps moist skin.

▪ Betaine
Betaine component to reduce skin irritation!
▫ Natural amino acid moisturizing ingredients obtained by separation and purification from beet, the properties of natural betaine have excellent conditioning ability and improve the moisturizing power of your skin with your own moisturizing effect.
▫ There is an excellent stimulus reduction effect that reduces the irritancy of surfactants and solvents which are known to have stimulation of cosmetic ingredients by 35% or more on average.
▫ It is a moisturizing power stronger than glycerin and is a component with extremely low irritation, with skin soothing and moisturizing effect, keratin burr effect (waste and keratin removal effect), and softens and moisturizes the skin moist.


How to Use
- Lightly putting on skin that is easily exposed to ultraviolet rays.

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