Twinkle Galvanic Ion Massager

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Twinkle Galvanic Ion Massager

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ITEM NUMBER: 0000174

Home care five minutes a day to deliver nutritional ingredients deep inside your skin!

1. LCD windows make them easier and more convenient to use.

2. Choice of 3 skin types
- Oily
- Neutral
- Dry
You can adjust the vibration intensity of the three skin types, which enables even more detailed management.

3. With case!
When attaching a case to a probe and using it, it can be protected from dust and other substances and stored hygienically.

Lively skin!
Twinkle Galvanic Ion Massager
1. moisture retention
2. Refill nutrition deeply in your skin
3. Increase elasticity
4. Galvanic ions
5. Skin Type Custom

Your Own Home Care Project
Compact and special
To the depths of the skin

- Please let me absorb all the skin! It is effectively absorbed by ionizing nutrients into galvanic ions.

▶ Wait a minute! What is IONTOPHORESIS?
It is very weak electric current which pushes to the same pole, ionizing cosmetics to penetrate nutrient deeply to further improve skin care effect.

- Micro-vibration massage keeps skin elastic without irritation and keeps skin lively.
- You can select a person's skin type (intelligence, complexity, and dry) to adjust the specific vibration intensity.
- It is not used directly by touching the face by hand, it is clean, wearing the case even when not in use, you can manage more hygienically.

What if you are not satisfied with your current skin?
- Let's write galvanic ion massage instead of changing cosmetics.

Do you still manage skin with shops?
- If you want to see the effect of cosmetics faster and more, please manage every day with a galvanic ion massager for 5 minutes a day! I will protect your skin.

Even if it is a good cosmetic product, it will be meaningless unless absorption is properly done.
- For cosmetics, the more stages to be coated, the less will be absorbed. We will utilize the principle of galvanic ion massager to help the skin absorb a lot of nutrition.

You can get a massage at once with fine vibrations that are directly transferred to the skin.
- Massage is to control the flow using a safe low DC current.
- By touching the button and operating it, you deeply massage the skin and help the skin penetrate the nutrients of the cosmetics evenly.

Galvanic massage principle

Helps to absorb deeply into the skin using the principle of pushing the nutrients that are difficult to absorb by hand with the same polarity.

■ Nutrition supply
- It helps absorb the good ingredients of functional cosmetics and helps you grow clear, moist skin.

■ Lifting, wrinkle management, massage
- It helps moist skin care such as pore management / moisture supply. Take advantage of the effective ingredients of the lifting & eye cream products to double the effects of the elastic skin massage products and manage your skin moist, such as water supply!

■ Can be used on sensitive skin without worrying about irritation

- It helps absorption of cosmetics and can nourish as it is on the skin. Select for healthy skin, start with galvanic ion massager.

① Please wash your face clean.
② Please let me fit a lot of skin or cream face. (It is more effective if you use tip. Mask pack.)
③ Please press the Skin button and measure your skin type properly. (When using ion massage machine, please peel off the case.)
④ Press MODE button, select Cleaning or Light, then smoothly roll according to your skin.

Precautions when using

▷ Before using
- Please wash your skin clean before using.
- Do not use products such as cleansing, scrub and oil cosmetics.

▷ Prohibited part
- Head / larynx / upper part of the heart (The vicinity of the pit of the stomach) / Mucosal membrane such as the mouth / Joint region / Thin skin just above the bone / Site where the inflammation of the narrow part such as the wrist and ankle / scratch

▷ After use
- After use, wipe cosmetics remaining on the body well with dry towels, tissues etc. Please keep it in a clean condition.
- Do not clean the main unit with water, it may cause a malfunction.
- Do not use solvents such as detergent, benzine, thinner, alcohol etc when wiping out the main unit.

▷ Manage and archive
- Do not store in a humid place such as a bathroom.
- Avoid hot humidity, direct heat lines, and other areas close to heating equipment. (It may cause malfunction or deformation.)
- When not in use, be sure to turn off the power.
- Keep away from magnetic lines, credit cards, IC cards, etc.
- Keep away from medical electronic devices such as pacemakers.

※ In the case of opening the product, returned goods are not acceptable.
※ The battery must be purchased separately from the main body.

Product Name: Galvanic Facial Equipment
Model: MCN-1710
Product weight: 110 g
Product size: 60 * 55 * 150 mm
Rated voltage: 3 VDC
Material: Plastics, Metals
Product composition: 1 main unit, 1 instruction manual

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