Twinkle Perfect Cleanse

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1-Step complete cleansing Twinkle perfect cleanse

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Twinkle perfect cleanse is a product that can be cleaned with water only using chemical fiber, cleansing product using special textile technology.

▸ perfect cleaning power
- Using special textile technology, you can see the cleaning effect completely with water.
- For dark makeup such as eye line, press gently for 5 seconds and wipe out the makeup.

▸ Low irritant cleansing
- No chemical ingredients are used at all, so there is little skin irritation and no pulling.

▸ Use up to 400 times
- With warm water and soap, you can use up to 400 times when using both sides.
- Washable by washing machine.

▸ Antibacterial 99.9%

▸ no hazardous substance detection
- Passed with both arylamine content, formaldehyde content, pH, heavy metal content part!

▸ no adhesive treatment
- I just thought about the skin and did not handle the glue. Products that are treated with adhesive can leak substances harmful to the skin during washing.

▸ Use up to 400 times
- With warm water and soap, you can use up to 400 times when using both sides.
- Washable by washing machine.

Composition: 2 small pads (10 cm), 1 large pad (12 cm)

Chemical components are removed, mellow perfect cleansing effect!

Decent cleansing care is important for your skin to become healthy. Cleaning products with plenty of chemical ingredients can irritate the skin and have negative effects. Tired skin is now managed with Twinkle perfect cleanse.

◾ Put your hands on the handle and make it comfortable.
◾ Turn the handle upside down and both sides are available.
◾ Turn the handle over and use up to 400 times.
◾ Twinkle Perfect cleanse on the handle and dry it comfortably.

Requires Twinkle Perfect cleanse moment!
▹ When you want to cleanse without irritation
▹ When you can not use anything on sensitive and precious skin
▹ When you want to erase makeup quickly and easily
▹ When I am tired after work and everything is a nuisance

Applicable skin type
- dry skin, greasy skin, mixed skin, sensitive skin

Why use Twinkle Perfect cleanse?
- Twinkle Perfect cleanse was made with Korean-made fabric using special technology.

⓵ Soak up enough water on Twinkle Perfect cleanse.
⓶ Please gently press the make-up area for 3 seconds and remove it gently.
⓷ After washing, use again.

Product name: Twinkle Perfect Cleanse
Standard: Diameter 10 cm / 12 cm circle
Handling precautions
- Specifications may change depending on humidity and temperature.
- Do not use softener or bleach.
- When washing hands, we recommend using warm water and soap.

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