Naturalness Cleanser

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Necessities for skin and beautiful skin exposed to various contamination. Composition: Face Towel

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Naturalness Cleanser
Necessities for skin and beautiful skin exposed to various contamination.

Do you still wash your face with your hands?
Make my skin healthy with environmentally friendly natural fibers.

- Unstained, nonfluorescent natural product.
- A natural clean towel made from 100 % pure wood fiber only.
- It is an odorless towel with excellent antimicrobial and deodorizing power.
- It is soft and clean fiber without irritation even on sensitive and fragile skin.
- It cleanses contaminants cleanly by being in close contact with the object. (Pore management, management of waste matter, horny care)

Chemical-free production process
- FSC certified sanction
- Raw material process
- Cellulose milling
- Fiber in the form of wood fiber
- Wood thread for fabric
- Weave wooden yarn

Cleanliness & Comfort
▹ The feel on use is subjective, but the cotton may give a somewhat rough stimulus to the skin, which can cause discomfort, while the smooth surface wood fibers give the skin a soft and pleasant feel.

Low-irritant fiber
The cotton surface is irregular and the wool is the surface structure of the scales, while the natural wood fiber is much smoother and more flexible.

Odorless fiber
▹ It removes sugar components and eliminates oil components in the production process of wood fiber, which is extracted from 100% wood. Therefore, there is no nutritional ingredient which is the survival condition of bacteria, so bacteria are suppressed and bacteria gradually disappear over time do.

I recommend it to those who have this kind of skin problem.
◾ Frequent troubles due to skin waste.
◾ Skin that looks dull without animation and elasticity.
◾ To the skin where a lot of horny matter occurs.
◾ In the case of skin that is stimulated using transdermal (synthetic fiber).
◾ Frequent inflammation of the skin caused by shigellosis.
◾ Black / white head, pores wide and dirty skin.
◾ In the case of skin where it is difficult to manage waste matter with facial cleansing hands on makeup every day.

How to use for a clean facial cleanser
1. After making the towel moist enough in clean water, be sure to squeeze.
2. Add enough soap (facial cleanser) or body wash to make bubbles thoroughly.
3. Lightly massage along the skin texture.
4. Washed thoroughly with water.

* There may be slight differences depending on the measuring method.

▷ Glove shower towel
- Soft skin type / glove-style bath towel
- Width: about 12.5 cm / length: about 18.5 cm

▷ Face Towel
- Soft skin type / Glove type cleansing towel
- Width: about 10.5 cm / length: about 13.5 cm

▷ pore towel
- Soft skin type / Mini facial cleansing towel
- Width: about 8 cm / length: about 9 cm

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