Magic Spoon Massage

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A new concept of spoon therapy Magic spoon

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▹ It helps to improve skin elasticity and wrinkle.
The secret of natural makeup was magic spoon.

▹ Fantastic skin facial equipment.
- Face dependent on managing!
- The secret of no refreshing makeup!
- Moisturizing face moisturizing moisture for a day!
- Expensive cosmetics! A lot of cosmetics painted by hand is not absorbed a lot Good. Apply cosmetic products with Magic spoon Even small amounts can evenly apply to the whole face. You can get vibrant skin and gorgeous skin at the same time with smooth vibration of 10,000 times per minute.

▷ When massaging, it helps elastic in the skin!
▷ When you make up you will help us not to float!
▷ We will make make-up production optimal for the function of vibration foundation.
▷ Horny and sebum management are also easily handled.
▷ When the face swells in the morning there is a cold massage effect (when spoon cold storage is used).
▷ You can live waterproof and wash quickly.

Three functions!
Spoon massage + sound wave vibrator + vibration foundation
You can solve one magic spoon up to makeup while face management (massage).

▷ Finger type massage spoon
▷ Massage puff for foundation
▷ Wide type massage spoon

Stimulate to the inside of the skin with minute vibration.
Temperature effect and skin elasticity at once!
Create skin that warms your skin with 10,000 smooth vibrations per minute, helping cosmetic products to be absorbed deep inside your skin.
It pushes back the neck which is prone to wrinkle easily, it stretches as if to iron.
Lifting effect can be seen! Ease of wrinkle management around the mouth and around the eyes as well!

Does it look like a normal spoon in your home?
- The traditional spoon has a convex center, but the magic spoon is made by considering Asian facial shape and curvature.
- Finger spoons have a convex back like thumbs, and wide spoons are designed to give a gentle massage like a pressure press.

Skin ironing with fine vibration?
- The spoon massage machine helps smooth wrinkles on the face and wrinkles.

Magic Spoon Vibration Foundation Puff

In the morning, one make-up stays the same until evening!
- Strong tapping vibration keeps your morning makeup straight through hand-proof massage and makeup.

01. 10,000 sound waves vibration per minute magic of powerful vibrations spoon.
- Sonic spoon (POTABLE SONIC SPOON) Fine and powerful spoon.

02. A water-resistant function.
- Living waterproofing products that can be used in wet bathrooms.

03. A hygienic and practical antibacterial spoon.
- Antibacterial spoon massage machine, which is hygienic and patented.

04. Replaceable parts that are easy to use.
- Removeable and practical magic spoon massage.

Magic Spoon Simple Use T.I.P.
- Get up before going to bed or in the morning and massage your swollen face for 5 minutes.
- When massaging a swollen face, keep the magic spoon in the refrigerator and use it cold to remove the swelling quickly.
- In warm water (40 degrees Celsius), soak it for 1 to 2 minutes to double the massage effect.
- If the water is too hot, there is a risk of burns, so be careful!
- Apply massage cream and aroma oil and massage.

□ Finger type
- Lips / nose / under eye / wrinkles / eyebrows that require severe bending or fine control
- Eyes out in!

□ Wide type
- Tapping on a large part like a ball, forehead, or neck, pressing and gently ironing from the chin to the neck,

□ Foundation puff
- Facilitates easy attachment of face after foundation makeup by simple replacement.

□ Spoon floor use
- Use when applying massage and cosmetics (face, forehead, ball, chin, neck, shoulder, etc.)

□ Spoon upside down (edge ​​face) use
- Minor management needs: for exfoliation and sebum management

□ Massage of various parts other than face can be used
- It is a multi-massage machine to manage with elastic skin anywhere you reach.
- arm massage, thigh, abdomen, calf, eye massage, nasal massage
- Massage cream and aromatic oil can be used to massage more effectively.

Practical, interchangeable products
Magic Spoon SPEC

Name of product : Magic spoon spoon massage
Model Name : :-2000
Frequency : 10,000 times 1 minute
Power : 1 AAA alkaline battery
Specifications (mm) : 20 * 20 * 185 (based on body - spoon fitment)
Weight : 50 g
Material : Body (ABS), spoon (STS - Steness), Puff (NBR)
Hours of use : 1.5 months for 5 minutes of use per day (approximately 4 hours for continuous use)
Country of origin : Republic of Korea

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