Sleek Puff

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**** Vibration equipment body+refill puff(3ea)

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ITEM NUMBER: 0000186

Mandatory item of makeup vibration puff

You can make it smoothly with vibration of 12,000 times per minute.
The head of 25 ° freely rotates vertically and horizontally according to the flexion of the face to enhance the close contact feeling.

Antimicrobial, its deformation, high density material TECHNOPOROUS puff
- We will complete Yun Kwang Makeup to improve adhesion, sustainability and covering power.

Economical and practical SLEEK PUFF.
- It is economical and practical with only vibration puff configuration which is not an unnecessary set composition.

Fresh feeling of use
Compact and simple design for portable
- A lipstick-like design that fits snugly into a pouch can make a corrective makeup anytime anywhere.

How to use vibration puff
1. Make the appropriate amount of products such as foundation, BB cream, makeup base, etc. in the vibration puff.
2. Damp one time to press the paint on the cheeks and forehead.
3. Turn the power button of the vibration puff to the V display (Vibrate) to operate.
4. Lightly stretch the whole face along the texture of the skin.
5. You want to cover the part you want to cover again.
6. After use, turn off the power button and close the lid.

Configuration - Vibration equipment body, refill puff 3 ea
Product Specification - Body 32 mm * 72 mm

How to replace the refill puff head
1. Open the vibration puff lid, seize the part of the puff and separate it in the upper direction.
2. Replace the new refill puff head and replace it completely.
3. We recommend replacement time of refill puff in approximately one week unit.

Battery replacement method
1. Turn the 0 in the lower part of the instrument completely to the left until the display (open), open it, replace the used battery.
2. Rotate again to close in the opposite direction until it clicks.

Storage and trim
1. Do not store the product in water or store it in a humid place for a long time.
2. After using the product, please be sure to close the cap and keep it to prevent contamination of the puff.
3. If you do not use for a long time, please remove the battery, please keep in a shade place away from direct sunlight.

1. Do not use other than skin make-up.
2. In case of skin injury or scratch, please never use.
3. Do not use in parallel with other beauty equipment.

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