Witch's Pouch Big Marker V 2.0

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ITEM NUMBER: 0000235

ong vivid witch eyeliner to 3 times the capacity!
Eyeliner completed with clean and delicate skinny brush finished!

Minimize skin irritation
- Resilient brush
- Vegetable oil extract

Easy and quick makeup in the morning!

Minimize liquid leakage
Easy to wash with warm water
Makeup is strong against oil and moisture and makeup lasts long.

Popular Liquid Eyeliner 2.0 for Witches Pouch!
Once painted and darkly colored, rubbing will not easily fall off.
Hot item to ask where everyone bought!
Big Marker V 2.0!

Main ingredients
- Green tea extract, aloe vera leaf extract, chamomile extract

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Big Marker V 2.0 [Deep Brown] USD 27.79 Please login.

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