CS 100 Water Shower

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**** CS 100 Water Shower: 1EA

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CS 100 water shower
Strong hydraulic pressure synergy
Up to 60% water saving effect
Leonard effect by fine spray plate
Effect of removing rust or foreign matter

▪ CS 100 water shower
Revolution of injection technology, fine hole shape sprinkler plate! Enjoy a soft and powerful shower. Sensitive skin, skin trouble, infant's skin, slack skin requires clean water.

▪ Lifetime and replacement cycle
Water purification filter replacement cycle (about 1-3 months)
If the filter visible in the transparent window is totally contaminated, if the water pressure decreases markedly, the filter's life has been reached. After turning the part of the head and torso about 10 degrees, pull it lightly to the left and right to separate it and replace the water purification filter with a new one.

Fine hole watering board!
Water saving effect!
Hydraulic pressure effect!
Effect of removing rust and foreign matter!
Residual chlorine removal effect in water!

1.2 times more powerful water pressure rise
We processed fine holes to two stages so that a thin water flow was formed. The pressure rise caused by the Bernoulli effect makes the water flow even more soft.

2. Effect of purified water shower
It is a clear water shower that removes rust and foreign matter that can come out through piping.

3. Saving fuel cost / water fee due to water-saving effect
Up to 60% water saving effect - Even if a little paddy field is opened to increase the water pressure by a fine sprinkling plate, strong water will come out, saving fuel cost and water fee according to the decrease in water usage.

4. Removal of residual chlorine
Remove residual chlorine contained in water by using decomposition reaction of ceramics. So you can enjoy safer shower to eliminate taste and odor compound, prevent generation of disinfection byproducts such as tromillmethane by residual chlorine.

Up to 60% water savings and strong water pressure rise
Dewbell shower head
Even if you open the faucet a little, the water stream pours coolly!

▪ Comparison method of water saving effect: It is the result of comparing when the water century (water reaching distance) of the same extent as the ordinary ordinary shower is released even if the faucet is opened too much.

Natural negative ion emission (Leonard effect)
Massage effect + negative ion health shower

▪ The water that is subjected to special processing has water natural minus ion emission effect that is about 200 times the amount of negative ions released from the waterfall surroundings by maximizing the water particle collapse effect by passing through the water spray board . Also, the number of soft and powerful shower helps blood circulation, helps to maintain scalp irritation and skin irritation.

▪ Soft and powerful massage effect
It is devised so that more than 200 powerful water flows uniformly and improves detergency, so you can enjoy comfortable shower with direct effect touching the scalp and skin.

▪ Natural negative ion emission
The greatest advantage of the ceramic shower is that it maximizes soft and maximum washing for about 200 times more natural minus ion emissions and a powerful mist shower than the waterfall (Leonard effect) periphery.

※ What is Leonard effect?
Sometimes it is often called waterfall effect. The potential energy generated when water falls at a high place turns into electric energy and acts on molecules of water to generate negative ions. Instead, the ceramic shower's sprinkle plate maximizes the collapse of water currents and water droplets with these Leonard effect as a paranormal phenomenon, and the amount of negative ions generated is about 200 times more than the surroundings of the waterfall.

▫ It removes rust and foreign matter in piping, it relaxes residual chlorine, and it can protect cleaner and safer skin.
▫ Save fuel efficiency and water fee by water saving effect
▫ Maximum 60% water saving effect
▫ As the water pressure increases due to the fine water spraying plate, strong water comes out even if the water supply is slightly opened.

Name and model: ShowerAe100 / ShowerAe200 / ShowerAe300 / ShowerAe Refill filter
Authorization related: KFIM-244. KFIA-189
Country of Origin or Country of Origin: Korea

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