Vitaluv Shower Filter [Kalamansi]

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**** Vitaluv Shower Filter [Kalamansi]: 1EA

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Tap water with fresh vitamin water!

You want healthy skin!
If the water changes, the skin changes.

Chlorine harmful to the skin may remain in tap water, which may cause skin problems, hair damage, etc. If you change tap water, skin will change.

▪ Ordinary tap water without filter, is it safe?
The tap water we use is chlorine used for purification process! Chlorine is used as a raw material for detergents and bleaching agents, which is used for disinfecting tap water by sterilizing and disinfecting tap water, and it is quickly absorbed into the body through breathing and skin. Also, long-term exposure may cause various skin troubles, hair damage and so on.

For my body and family health, it is now not a choice but mandatory.

Tap water turns into vitamin water!
We will change the residual chlorine remaining tap water to Kalamansi vitamin water through a filter!

1. Principle using vitamin C
Vita Luv Shower Filter contains gel type natural vitamin C, but Vitamin C is an environmentally friendly chlorine scavenging agent that changes chlorine remaining water into vitamin water from long ago.

2. Vitamin C good for the skin
Vitamin C helps give a firm and smooth texture of the skin by giving elasticity to remove the turn of the skin.

3. Lord of vitamin C "Kalamansi"
Speaking of vitamin C Vita Luv shower filter utilizing Kalamansi with vitamin C content about 30 times more than leaning lemon!

Milk powder tells moist moisturizing power
Milk powder in the filter delivers to the dry skin high moisture moisturizing power, moisturizes the skin!

【Precautions for use】
1. Do not use shower with ON / OFF function on handle. Water pressure can damage the product.
2. Do not store in high temperature or direct sunlight.
3. When using water above 60 ° C, the life of the product will be shortened.
4. When installing horizontally or reversely, the life of the filter will be shortened.
5. Duration of use varies according to usage time, number of people and water pressure.

【Product Name】 Dr. Days Premium Filter
[Interchanging cycle] Basic of 4 people Family 7200 liters / 30 to 45 days
[Main Ingredients] Vitamin C, milk powder, moisturizer, Kalamansi extract
[Product weight] 170 g
[Operating temperature] 4 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
[Working pressure] 1 to 7 kgf / ㎠

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