Sink-Ae refill filter high grade type

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**** Sink-Ae refill filter high grade type 3PCS/1SET

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ITEM NUMBER: 0000204

Remove rust and residual chlotine upto 3~5 micro size dirt upgraded version with improved performanc

Dewbell easy soft water Refill filter

Easy to install, you can check effects with your eyes !
▪ Even when washing vegetables, fruits, fish, rice with filtered water clean!
▪ Even when washing dishes, pots etc, you can rest assured that the hand skin.
▪ Easy installation in anyone in 3 minutes
▪ Removal of foreign matter such as rust, chlorine, heavy metals!
▪ Semi-transparent structure makes it easy to check filter contamination by eye
▪ 2 times more powerful water pressure rise
▪ Saving fuel cost / water fee due to water-saving effect
▪ Massage effect, negative ion generation

Sink-Ae refill filter

NEW Sink-Ae
Design by Technology

- You Shoul care the water for cook as much as drinking water.
- Developed by trustable Korean water filter corporation/Dewbell's own tecnology.
- No extra space needed.Convenient product
- Leave mineral and remove harmful material
- It takes just 1 minutes to install and change the filter
- Clean water is the most fundamental factor for health

Product name and model name: Sink-Ae refill filter high grade type
Permission : N/A
Country of origin : South Korea

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