Shower-Ae Refill filter for shower head

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****Refill filter for shower head 3pcs/ 1set

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ITEM NUMBER: 0000206

Replacement Cycle: Approx. 1~3 months


Easy to install,
Check the effect with your eyes Please feel the powerful water saving effect and the powerful water pressure rise effect with the DEW BELL shower.

-If the filter is contaminated completely or water pressure get remarkably lower, the life of the filter is ended, So disassemble the connecting part by turning about 10 degree and change the filter with a new one.

Product name and model name: Refill filter for shower head (CS50/100/200/300/400)
Permission : N/A
Country of origin : South Korea

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Shower-Ae Refill filter for shower head [3PCS/1SET] USD 20.28 Please login.

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