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Let's take a cool shower! Waterjet

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ITEM NUMBER: 0000051

**** Warterjet : 1EA

Anion Wellbeing shower and massage effect too!
Ultrafine perforation structure is the secret of water pressure rise.
Special Nano-alloy watering plate increases shower pressure by 2 ~ 5 times compared to normal shower, and it gently massages skin with fine particles with rich anion.

droplet shaped watering plate

"What’s the difference?"

"Even if you use a small amount of water, stream is cool and made like watering plate’s watering hole spraying water droplet shape. Thus, it solved the sting feeling like picking with a needle, which was pointed out as a problem in the conventional product. Even young children and elderly people with weak skin can feel the effect of the rich and soft shower water stream."

▶ Body - Pcabs(reinforced plastic)
Sprinkling water plate - 281 holes Large size / More holes / increased water pressure

▶ A sense of use
Improved hole size allows anyone to use with rich body feeling.

▶ massage effect as well as anion well-being shower
The water stream discharged through the fine watering plate maximizes the effect of the water particles smashing on the water, which is effective in releasing natural anions.This anion is about 100 to 200 times more than anions emitted around the waterfall. Let's take a healthy shower!

▶ Lenard effect
The Lenard effect is a phenomenon where negatively charged electricity is generated when water droplets collide with each other or with a wetted solid in a place where water splashes such as a waterfall or fountain.

▶ Benefits of negative ions
negative ions have a net positive effect on health, including improved mood, stabilized catecholamine regulation and circadian rhythm, enhanced recovery from physical exertion and protection from positive ion-related stress and exhaustion disorders.

Let's take a shower like a massage!
You can enjoy a cool shower as the water jets touch the scalp and skin like massage effect.

▶ Minute filter
Minute filter added Filter installed to minimize water splashing.

▶Perfect design for hands
The well-rounded curve is designed to fit in your hand and is easy to use, and the metal feel fits well in any bathroom.

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