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Stop worrying about gum disease.

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**** TMC-7 : 1EA

Tmc-7 toothpaste(eliminating 7 harmful ingredients) solves your teeth problems.
Eliminating 7 harmful ingredients

1. triclosan
2. fluorine
3. preservative
4. paraben
5. sweetener
6. surfactant
7. germicide

▷ Transparent and healthy dosage form and scents.
▷ No stimulus from teeth to gum!

Project for recovering unhealthy teeth in a right decision.

▷ Tmc-7 toothpaste is made by constantly concentrating on research for teeth’s health.

Tmc-7 toothpaste solves.

The existing teeth brush method with ordinary toothpaste for 3minutes is really safe?

Even though brushing teeth everyday, why are my children’s teeth decayed?
You have a bad breath?
Gums are swollen and sick and bleeding?
Do you think you don’t have to brush teeth carefully, because implant is not real teeth?
Oral stale odor of cigarette smoke makes you feel worried?
Only toothpaste including Fluorine is effective on prevention cavaties?
Only medicine for gum can be healthy for gum?
Feel that your teeth are shaken?

Choice for healthy life!

Toothpaste without 7 pernicious ingredients!

Change your toothpaste to tmc-7!

No more worry about gum and teeth problem. Better life.
Toothpaste without 7 pernicious ingredients.
Stop worrying about gum disease!
Tmc-7 toothpaste

Eliminate bad breath, prevent cavity and periodontal disease, remove plaque!

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