Health foot

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Health foot

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ITEM NUMBER: 0000082

My feet are comfortable and my body is comfortable!
Health foot, balancing my legs, health insoles!

Maintain posture
Balance of sole
Shoe grip increase
Maintaining foot arch
Domestic production

Male, female, no · so Health foot health insole is essential for everyone!

When one of the chairs floats, the whole thing shakes and creaks. If the feet of a man also collapses? Although not a flat foot, a person collapses the arch increasingly with age.

"A person's foot model is very important from the growth stage to the old age."
My feet and my body are comfortable!

Health foot Features of healthy insole
1. Maintain balance with arch protection
You can keep the balance of left and right of the body in Seuojum at the arch. Maintain an ideal arch height of 1.5 cm.
2. Selected load distribution
Apply a metadome to help distribute the selected load before and behind the soles of the feet. The metadome is the most ideal foot model for load distribution on the front and back, so that the center of gravity of the foot does not tilt backward in the portion that became a dome model so that the center of the sole is evenly matched .

Health foot health insole is recommended for this person. If you walk a bit longer or run, you are impatient with hindrance? Health foot health insole is essential for this person.

Product information notification

Product Name: Hansol Health Foot Health Insole
Structure: this product 1, item description 1
Material: yellow soil, silver nano, activated carbon, magnet
Color, ocher color, light gray (random shipping)
Size: Small: 220 to 245 mm / large: 245 to 275 mm
Weight: Small: 93 g / Large: 115 g
Quality guarantee standard: We will compensate based on the Fair Trade Commission announcement
Manufacturer / Country of manufacture: Hansol Medical / South Korea
Handling Precautions: Banned for use besides use (see manual)

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