Medici - Cyclone

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Cyclone abdominal exercise machine

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ITEM NUMBER: 0000097

Five power motors, 10 stages of strength adjustment, Concentrated attack on belly up to warmth!

Product features
01. abdomen , front, back, left, right 360 degrees
-With five rechargeable motors you can massage your waist (abdomen, flank, waist) at once.
02. Five individual power motors
- Vibration massage of 4,000 times per minute with five individually moving power motors
03. Various stereoscopic function massage
-Through 22 patterns, more than 500 stereoscopic rhythm massage applied
04. 10 levels of strength adjustment function
- With the wide range of strength adjustment function of step 10, it can be used according to user's preference
05. Thermal massage function
-Wet hot wire function of wide area with woven heat wire
06. Strengthen portability with charging method
-Massage and fomentation possible without power line connection(Can be used during charging, exception during thermal operation)
-Operated for 30 minutes with 3 hours of charging (at maximum intensity)
07. Everyone can use it for Free Size
08. it's lightweight, Expecting exercise effect by simultaneous wearing at the time of exercise
09. Korean manufacturing products made with specialized manufacturing companies of health care products

Product specifications and precautions

Product Name: Medici Abdominal Exercise Cyclone
Specification: 120 x 13.5 cm
Weight: 680g
Material: Polyester, PVC Reza
Color: Red
Rated use time: Auto off after 15 minutes of operation
Rated input: AC110 ~ 240V / 1.2A (adapter)
Safety Certification: Electrical Safety Certification Number (HD10033-12011)
Composition: Body, Rechargeable adapter, Instruction manual
Manufacturer: Daekyung Industrial Co., Ltd.
Country of Origin: Korea

※There may be design and material changes to improve product performance.

The following people, please consult with your doctor.
- Those who do not exceed a certain time after surgery such as cervical spine, spine, lumbar spine.
- Acute disease, malignant tumor, high fever patient, diabetic patient Others who have
symptoms of skin disease.
- Those who are concerned about pregnancy, heart failure, blood pressure abnormality or
side effects.
- A person who is concerned about side effects due to child or other massage.
- Any person who develops abnormal skin reactions such as redness, numbness,
papule, or swollen skin during use.

Before using the equipment, please check the following items.
- Do not use the product wet
- Be careful that the battery is loose or that the pad cord does not tighten.
- Do not use in places with high humidity such as bathrooms.

While using the equipment, please pay attention to the following points
- Avoid strong shocks to the equipment, stop using it immediately in case of failure.
- If any abnormality occurs in the body, stop using it immediately, contact the doctor,
the doctor Please use it under prescription and guidance.
- Continuous use for a long time becomes an irritation beyond necessity,
causing reverse effect and scratches.

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