Vita-fresh Shower Filter

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Vita-fresh Shower Filter

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ITEM NUMBER: 0000077

**** Vitagel: 1EA
**** Original: 1EA

The beginning and end of today
Orange 600 Vitamin C
Removal of residual chlorine 98% or more!

Please come with a Moolmang Vita-fresh shower filter ~

Device and design patent registration! Introduction of major overseas media
ABC News
Fox Business
New York Times
Arirang TV ad 2016
Wall Street Journal
Arirang TV 2014
Youtube customer reviews

Please think about once.
Influence of Residual Chlorine

Skin irritation
Itching skin
Dry skin
Scalp itching
Hair damage

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* After the shower, have you experienced the skin itchy skin irritation has occurred?

* Have you experienced hair becoming dry after the shower?

* Is there a problem when you do an easy shower for sensitive skin of our child?

Shower filter must be selected, 12 reasons

1. Technology proven in device and design patent registration
2. Korea International Trade Association certified K + mark
3. Using 100% pharmaceutical food grade vitamin c, safe, European safety test passed RoHS!
4. Removal of residual chlorine 98% or more
5. Vitamin c elution helps to improve the condition of the skin and hair!
6. Design The patented shower filter allows confirmation of filter action and replacement
timing through a simple transparent housing!
7. As a smartphone, check genuine product certification and manufacturer
8. Delivery to the famous hotel chain in the US
9. Coverage by overseas major media
10. Easy installation with international piping standard (G1 / 2X14)
11. Easy filter exchange
12. Replacement filters can be used for 1 to 2 months
13. 2 people Family standard /It varies According to the Number of times of use,
water pressure, water temperature

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