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Imos USB mosquito extermination machine

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ITEM NUMBER: 0000098

A must-have item to be sure in summer!

Now a simple USB mosquito extermination machine!
USB mosquito eradication machine convenient to carry!

Convenient mosquito repellent machine which plugs in USB and uses It is usable in various places such as office, children's study room, living room, outdoor campground, mountain climbing, fishing, car and so on, convenience is excellent.

USB mosquito extermination machine

You can use anywhere conveniently anytime.

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Excellent Portability of USB
It is possible to get rid of mosquitoes quickly even during summer outdoor activities to lightweight USB and excellent portability.

USB mosquito extermination machine to use USB cable and spread scent with fever of 80 ℃!

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Mosquito mat harmless to the human body
The USB mosquito repellent machine does not emit harmful substances to the human body. Even people who are sensitive to smell can use it easily and can use it for children's rooms casually.

Electromagnetic wave authentication

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Available for up to 12 hours
Mosquito killer that plugs in USB and uses it for up to 12 hours
Possible Safe from mosquitoes, you can spend a day comfortably.

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Summer necessities Mosquito extermination machine
Mosquito retreating machine that plugs in USB and uses It can be used anywhere, indoors, outdoors, you can spend a pleasant day from mosquitoes.

If you have a USB terminal such as auxiliary battery, laptop computer, vehicle, adapter etc, you can use it anytime anywhere.

Basic configuration

USB mosquito extermination machine

- Manufacturer: Victory Healthy Life
- Customer support center: 031 - 426 - 0506
- Product name: Ice mosquito extermination machine SIM - 7700
- Composition: Mosquito extermination primitive + 3 mosquito mats
- Material: ABS
- Size / weight: 35 mm (width) x 25 mm (length) / 30 g
- Pressure voltage: 5 V - 5 A
- Electromagnetic wave authentication number: MISP - REM - HWH - HIM - 500
- IMOS USb mosquito extermination machine (body)
- 2 mosquito mats

Mosquito mat 30 sheets (Optional item)

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